Systemic Constellation Creative Coaching for individuals and teams

Creative Coach, Facilitator, Trainer, Writer & Producer

What is Systemic Constellation Work?

In contrast to other approaches that tend to view personal issues in the light of individual experience, Systemic Constellation Work takes the widest possible view and includes everyone and everything that has a place. Systemic Constellations is often about joining up what has been marginalised, left out or ignored in the system and separating out what has become entangled. Systemic Constellations raises awareness of individual and organisational ‘blind spots’ and enables greater energetic flow through the whole and movement towards solution can begin to take place. People, teams and organisations become freer to step more fully towards the direction that life is calling them.

Maria trained in Systemic Constellations with Gaye Donaldson and Chris Williams at the Centre For Systemic Constellations and with Edward Rowlands of The Whole Partnership ( ) Maria offers coaching and workshops for individuals and teams both online and face to face. 


Systemic Constellations is the most recent element in Maria’s work in leadership development. Maria has a Master’s degree from Kings College London in Ethical Leadership and has co-authored a book, The Good Leadership Book , with Aamer Naeem OBE. Over the past decade, Maria has designed and facilitated leadership development programs nationally and internationally.

"Working with you has been always been a remarkable experience and a great source of inspiration for me as well as the participants to pursue their goals with hard work and dedication. I truly appreciate and value everything I have learned from you. It will forever remain a major contributor behind CBGs's success and achievements."

Shabbirhussein Khalfan - Chair, Capacity Building Group, Africa Federation


Maria has been involved with some amazing organisations.

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