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About Maria.

Maria works at the intersection of arts and health to bring people together in activities that improve psychological health, resilience and emotional wellbeing. Maria is a theatre director, coach, writer and facilitator. Her career started with the Royal Shakespeare Company in London UK , where she worked with the scholar and director John Barton on epic Greek drama. There, Maria developed a passion for theatre that connects people to collective experiences that heal us and promote a better sense of our human capacity to flourish.

Over the past three decades, Maria has worked as a director of new plays at Chichester Festival Theatre, Hampstead Theatre and the International Brighton Festival. Awards include Peggy Ramsay Award for New Writing and a Society of London Theatres New Producers award. Maria coaches individuals and teams to think creatively about the future and connect to what truly matters to them.

She has an Master’s degree in Ethical Leadership from King’s College London and is a Systemic Constellations facilitator and Associate for the Centre for Systemic Constellations ( and also a National Trainer in Mental Health First Aid ( Maria is currently working with international NGOs to develop arts and wellbeing strategies as an integrated element of their aid programs.

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